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3 de July de 2013

SPVS’ “E-CONS Program”, which has the support of HSBC, winning one of major environmental awards in Brazil

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SPVS received June 26 the “von Martius Sustainability Prize 2013”, with the E-CONS Program, ranking first in the category Nature. The distinction is awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Germany. The recognition was awarded in São Paulo, during Ecogerma 2013, a fair trade of sustainable technologies also organized by the Brazil-Germany Chamber.

Since 2000, the award is presented to projects from companies, NGOs, individuals, governments and institutions in categories Nature, Humanity and Technology. The award address projects completed or underway to promote the economic, social and cultural aligned to the concept of sustainable development. In total, 100 projects were entered in the 2013 edition 2013 – 24 in the category Nature, Humanity and 38 in 38 in Technology.

Photo: Adriano Gambarini

Photo: Adriano Gambarini

The E-CONS Program

E-CONS stands for “Entrepeneurs of Conservation”. The program emerged in 2012 from a partnership between SPVS and HSBCl (partner of the Brazilian conservationiste NGO since 2007). The initiative supports innovative leaders who perform actions for the conservation of nature in all biomes of Brazil.

According to Clovis Borges, director of SPVS, the recognition represents a victory for conservation. “This project has the support of HSBC, which for many years has been the main partner of SPVS and who understands that within the process of sustainability, biodiversity conservation is critical. This kind of understanding is what we look over these 30 years of our history. We wish to incorporate in society, governments and the private sector – which is one of the great hopes to generate innovation and chain scale – the recognition that there is no sustainability without the conservation of natural heritage. HSBC understood this and has given us extraordinary support for the development of projects. ”

Since 2012, HSBC invests funds in the Conservation Entrepreneurs so they can create strategic plans and strengthen its initiatives. This is an unprecedented proposal in Brazil, which brings positive impacts on the conservation of nature, the economy and social welfare generated in places where projects are undertaken.

For HSBC, it is gratifying to see SPVS receiving an award like this. “We believe in the benefits of this model work. We are in a stage that goes beyond simple conservation. We invest in transforming an environmental leader into an entrepreneur of conservation, and we believe it can promote real social and economic change in their community based on an environmental project” says Ishibashi Linko, Executive Superintendent of Sustainability area of ​​the bank.

Sustainability Prize von Martius 2013

The award is named after the German researcher Carl Friedrich Phillip von Martius (1794 – 1868), whose scientific research work done during the journey of almost three years through  Brazil, between 1817 and 1820, contributed to the knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment and cultural country.

In 11 editions, von Martius Award received registration of 1,741 projects and has awarded 99 cases.