E-CONS stands for “Entrepreneurs of Conservation”. The program emerged in  2012 from an opportunity to support innovative leaders who undertake actions for the conservation of nature in all biomes of Brazil. In the Program, E-CONS are encouraged to expand their conservation actions through the implementation of strategies designed to strengthen their initiatives. The first E-CONS group has achieved interesting results in their initiatives: widening the number of beneficiaries, fundraising, establishing partnerships with companies, and influencing new public policies.

SPVS wishes to incorporate this initiative into society, governments and the private sector.

Nationwide Coverage

The Program works in five Brazilian biomes and, since its inception, has already benefitted 60,000 people directly and indirectly, including students, teachers and natural area landowners.

The Program has won the von Martius Sustainability Prize, in the Nature category, in its 2013 edition.


  • HSBC