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Conservation Education Program

The Nature Conservation Education Program, initiated by SPVS, endeavors to reestablish society's connection with nature by fostering changes in behavior, concepts, and values related to biodiversity protection.

The Program engages in a diverse array of activities, including the creation and dissemination of educational materials, the formulation of theoretical and practical guidance for owners of natural areas, school visits, and monitoring activities in natural spaces - such as the Nature Reserves maintained by SPVS. Additionally, the program forges partnerships with public and private institutions, providing professional training and facilitating effective communication strategies for nature conservation.


Foto: Acervo SPVS ©

Why should I support the initiative?

The Nature Conservation Education Program aims to foster a sense of connection to the environment and promote the preservation of natural heritage. SPVS has developed a methodology centered on assessing the perception of diverse audiences regarding their environmental surroundings. Based on the information collected, the Program's actions have become a real instrument for generating


change, allowing the Program to tailor its actions to specific contexts and develop awareness-raising activities that foster tangible connections with nature.

By supporting the Program, whether through public or private means, organizations contribute to building enduring, long-term results for Brazil's biodiversity. SPVS firmly believes that education and awareness are paramount in transforming the way we interact with our natural heritage.

Partners supporting the Program can access perception assessments, which are valuable for developing environmental projects, including those in partnership with SPVS. Additionally, partners have the opportunity to publicize the Program's results and use its brand in produced materials. 

Furthermore, the actions and outcomes of the Program can serve as inputs for developing communication strategies, socio-environmental reports, and obtaining certifications such as the LIFE Certification.

Are you interested in supporting the Program? Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to discuss how to initiate partnership proposals.


Who is it aimed at?

The program is designed for individuals and organizations across sectors - public, private, third sector, or research - who view education as a tool for expanding future possibilities. Its initiatives target public and private schools, children, and teenagers, as well as residents in proximity to natural areas and Conservation Units. Additionally, public and private institutions that acknowledge the importance of natural capital, along with teachers, educators, and companies from various economic sectors, are included in the program's outreach efforts.



The Nature Conservation Education Program has successfully trained over 3,500 teachers within Paraná's public school system. This training has indirectly impacted over 140,000 students across Curitiba, Campo Largo, Piraquara, São José dos Pinhais, and Guaraqueçaba.

Feedback from teachers and education secretaries in these municipalities indicates a noticeable shift in classroom dynamics and a heightened interdisciplinary approach to environmental topics long after the conclusion of the Program's activities. Students are reported to be more engaged and knowledgeable about native biodiversity, actively participating in school campaigns related to environmental conservation.

The Nature Conservation Education Program was responsible for developing the pedagogical methodology for planning and executing the Guaricica Experience. This public use initiative invites visitors to participate in an interpretive trail where they can learn about the story of nature's recovery and how the Guaricica Nature Reserve has positively impacted the lives of residents in Antonina and Guaraqueçaba, coastal municipalities in Paraná. SPVS has been actively involved in the region for over 20 years, contributing to the region's environmental improvement. Learn more about the Guaricica Experience here.

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