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SPVS Private Reserves

20 years of history

The book "Reservas Naturais da SPVS: 20 anos de história" (SPVS Private Reserves: 20 years of history) chronicles SPVS's pioneering efforts in the restoration and preservation of the Atlantic Forest. It offers insights into the establishment process of the Private Reserves, the techniques employed and refined over time, the forged relationships and partnerships, as well as the educational endeavors in nature conservation. Additionally, it highlights the social and economic impacts on local communities.
Together, the Private Reserves - Das Aguas, Papagaio-de-cara-roxa and Guaricica, located in Antonina and Guaraqueçaba, on the northern coast of Paraná - preserve around 19,000 hectares of Atlantic Forest.
Read the complete book here.

Nature Production

Parks, Rewilding and Local Development

The book "Produção de Natureza: Parques, Rewilding e Desenvolvimento Local" (Nature Production: Parks, Rewilding, and Local Development) delves into the principles and methodologies of biological and social sciences, coupled with the practical expertise of biologist Ignacio Jiménez Pérez, in the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. SPVS became acquainted with the concept of Nature Production in 2015 during collaborative efforts in nature conservation alongside the Conservation Land Trust, which operates conservation projects in Argentina and Chile. Through this fruitful collaboration, SPVS launched the Atlantic Forest Great Reserve initiative in 2018, marking the first application of this methodology in Brazil. In 2019, a translated version of the book was released with the aim of inspiring similar initiatives, such as the one already underway in Alto Pantanal.
Read the complete book in Portuguese.

Integrated Conservation Plan for the Guaraqueçaba Region (PR)

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Content in Portuguese (Brazil).

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